Game Day Meals

Traditionally, the Touchdown Club provides game day meals to our players and coaches.  During this time, you get to meet other parents, and put a face with your class liaison.  Most importantly you get to see all of the players without a helmet on and put a name to a face in order to get to know your team of Indians!
During the game day meals, the players meet in the ACHS Cafeteria where they are served a nutritious meal before either heading over to the field house or to the bus. With over 60 mouths to feed, preparing and delivering the meals is not a light task and requires the support of many.
Please be on the lookout for sign up sheets as well as notices posted on our Boosters Facebook page.
For away games, we understand that it is a very long day for the players and they are very hungry by the time they get home from an away game. Because of this we provide them with a snack bag which usually contains Gatorade, a bag of chips, and a fruit for after each away game.
We ask that each parent participate in making game day meals & snacks a success!

Our players really look forward to this and are always so appreciative for all that we do for them. These are some special times for our young men. It all goes by so fast and the time they get to spend together and share laughs off the field are times they will never forget. I know that this can all get over whelming but remember that especially for our seniors theses are times they will never get back, enjoy it and thanks in advance for all your help!!

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